SusGel™ is nature collagen type I purified from the porcine tendon. Comparing with collagen from other species, SusGel™ has a lot of benefits including high purity, high stability, low toxin, etc.


  • Mimicking in vivo-like ECM environment.
  • Quick polymerization helps optimal cell distribution in 3D gels.
  • High purity and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Various concentration available for a variety of applications.

0.5 EU/ml-Format Available Upon Request

If you are interested in porcine collagen type I with ultra-low endotoxin (<0.5 EU/ml), please feel free to contact us to have a quote.

Important Note regarding Permits and Certificate

SusGel™ collagen is derived from porcine tendon. If your country needs any official document (such as Veterinary Health Certificate) for customs clearance, please indicate the required import documents in your order ("Comment Field" at checkout page).

Endotoxin LAL <1.0 EU/ml
Electrophoretic Pattern ≥ 95% Collagen contained with α, β and γ, < 5% Collagen contained within bands traveling faster than α (SDS PAGE electrophoresis, instant blue staining)
pH 2.0 – 4.0
Osmolality ≤ 35 mOsmo H₂O/Kg
Sterility (USP modified) Sterile filtered
Cell Attachment Pass
Product Type Solution

SusGel™ Porcine Collagen Type I, Sterile, Solution

  • Cat. No.: CNA-XX-XXXS

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