Conogel™ is a copolymer of mPEG and poly(lactide-co-glycolide). The defining feature of ConoGel™ is its temperature reversible sol-gel transition. Cool ConoGel™ to turn it into a sol (meaning it handles like a liquid). Warm ConoGel™ to over 30°C to turn it into a solid hydrogel. The unique thermoreversible feature allows for effortless control release handling.

In the gel state, the highly lipophilic and network structure of the ConoGel™ presents an efficient niche for in vitro factors release, in vivo drug release and mass exchange, and protection of cells and tissue from shear forces.

Typical Applications

  • Drug/peptide/vaccine delivery and release
  • Tissue adhesion barriers


  • Temperature reversible sol-gel transition.
  • Excellent biocompatibility - 100% synthetic, pathogen free.
  • Great biodegradability.
Endotoxin LAL <0.5 EU/ml
Sterility (USP modified) Sterile filtered
Product Type Solution

ConoGel™ Synthetic Hydrogel, Sterile, 15% Solution

  • Cat. No.: HGL-XXXS

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